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Who can join?

Former pupils
anyone who, between the ages of seven and twenty, was registered on the roll of the school for not less than three terms
both teaching and non-teaching staff who are currently employed full-time or have been so employed
for at least three terms, or have been employed on a part-time or peripatetic basis at the school during
not less than two full school years.
Honorary Life Member
The Committee may appoint a member to be an Honorary Life Member for reason of
longevity, distinction or for such other appropriate reason as the Committee shall determine.

Annual Subscriptions

The current annual subscription is £7.00 due 1st January
New members joining after 1st of July £10.50 to cover current year and the following 12 months
School leavers - free of charge until the following January
with free (electronic Mail only) membership for a further 36 months
Honorary Life Members pay no subscription, but have all the rights of Full Membership

Members will be sent a reminder at least 1 month before their subscription is due

Membership will lapse if subscription is more than six months in arrears

Join Us

At the moment we do not have the facility to accept direct payment. Please complete the Application Form (pdf reader required) and post it with
a cheque for the appropriate subscription.