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After 6 weeks they will be moved to the "Not so New" Section,where they will remain for a minimum of 8 weeks.
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Latest News & Information

EDITOR - Re LOOSE CONNECTIONS - I received the following email today

"Dear JB, Please find attached the answers to the puzzles in Loose Connections
We have not received a single comment, let alone any answers to,the puzzles I have set.
This, apparent lack of interest, questions not only the best use of my time,
but also the viability of the page. I would really appreciate your comments. Regards Alvis"
The answers to the puzzles are now in place.

I can understand Alvis' disappointment - so I would be delighted to receive members' comments
to the following
a) were the puzzles too difficult (or perhaps too easy)?
b) were they uninteresting?
c) would a different type of puzzle produce more interest? If so, what?
d) would a small prize act as an inducement to elicit responses?
d) is there any demand for a puzzles page at all?
Your feedback would be appreciated

EDITOR - Apologies for the hiatus. Our Webmaster was seconded to his New York Office for six weeks - communication
now back to normal.

WELCOME to 3 new Members, John Hills, Tim Riley and Will Stebbings

SPRING 2013 NEWSLETTER This is now available in PDF format under the MEMBERS ONLY Section

COMMITTEE MEETING The next Meeting will be held at 7.00 pm Friday 7th June in the School Library
If you have ay items for discussion, please contact The Secretary ASAP
HEALTHY EATING IN THE HEART OF MAYFAIR -see our report on the Winter Lunch 2014 in the Past Events section

MEMBERS' LIFE PROFILES or "What did you do after the .........."

We now have the facility to display Members' stories under the LIST OF MEMBERS section.
There are currently 4 submissions. viewable by clicking the underlined names


Important Notice            ***********        *************      **********


This has been arranged to take place at the Riverside Restaurant King Street King's Lynn on Saturday 8th June 2013. 
The event is open to OLs and their wives/partners and those who went to the High School for Girls and their husbands/ partners.

In order to clarify any misunderstanding
 wives/ partners of OLs are NOT required to have attended the High School
and by the same token husbands/partners of those who attended the High School are NOT required to have attended KES.
Similarly, if you wish to attend without a partner, you will be very welcome

The cost of a two course meal is £15.00 per person or £18 per person for a three course meal, the meal price includes tea/coffee.

There are just a few remaining places SO If you are interested in coming please contact Don Oliver ASAP 01728 747143

                                              ***********        *************      **********


VALETE It is with sadness that we learn from the LN&A of the death (25th Jan) of Trevor Storton. (aged 73)
Trevor was a former member of Windsor House 1951-57.
We extend our sympathies to his family.

VALETE It is with sadness that we learn from the LN&A of the death (3rd Jan) of T.A.G.Cobbold. (aged 81)
Trevor was a member of Thoresby House. He left in 1949 as the current holder of both the Mile and Half Mile records.
We extend our sympathies to his family.

  • A new puzzle from Alvis plus new clues to puzzles 2 & 3

  • Congratulations to former pupil Danny Kerry  who has been appointed Performance Director for UK & GB Men's & Women's Hockey
  • Please do not forget to pay your Subscription for 2013 -
                and when you do, Please consider adding £5 - £10 towards the refurbishment of the Memorial Boards.
  • if you are elligible for membership, why not contact our Membership Secretary NOW.
  • We have been made aware that we omitted to add a rule change from the 2011 AGM
        All members, who are permanently resident outside the UK, are entitled to free membership, providing that they agree to
all correspondence, including Newsletters, by e-mail.
                                               If this applies to you simply contact the Membership Secretary
  • We have 13 names on our decalennensians list - see the Records page

Coming soon

  •  AGM             report
  • Committee   news
Items delayed until Hon Sec has a working dongle



         Spring Lunch on 18th April at the Riverside Restaurant in King's Lynn: A late surge in bookings from OLs confirmed Bob Booth's Spring Lunch as a pivotal social occasion for Old Lennensians with record numbers attending from both  the King's Lynn area and further afield. See the Past Events page for a report.

  • For information about forthcoming  the events and Don Oliver's reports on Golf & Bowls see the Events Page
  • Old Lennensians at Large: On Tuesday 2nd July 2013 Sir Hans Sloane's statue in the middle of the Chelsea Physic Garden witnessed, with discretely raised eyebrows, a confluence of Old Lennensians on their Annual outing. See 'Past Events' for a report

If you are a member who is organising an event we will gladly publicise it for you. Send the details to the Site Editor


Contributions to this Web Site

With 500 years to cope with we need some help. At the moment we are concentrating on the period 1940 -1960, while long term memory is still functioning!
  • Life After School   - 2 photos - Then  & Now   plus  a life story  say career, family, hobbies, achievements, current interests, etc.Maximum size 1 sheet of A4 including photos.  in PDF format if possible. It would be appreciated if those members who promised items for this section, at the AGM Lunch, would  send them in (preferably before 2013)

  • Combined Cadet Force   It is over 50 years since the School C.C.F. was disbanded. We are looking for anecdotes and recollections which will appear in the history section.

  • Send us your school stories     Any anecdotes, factual or apocryphal

  • Sporting Records      We are attempting to collate sporting records - results, team members. notable performances, etc..
    We are using a collection of Lennensians Dec 1946 - Summer 1957 for our information. Any additional information, photographs, memories etc.will be gratefully accepted,
    especially if it is outside our available time frame.

We have made it easier for you to send us contributions by email.
Simply send your name to the Web Editor via the Contact Us page and with the word "Contribution"
You will receive an email address for you to deliver your magnum opus.



Join Us

If you were a pupil for three consecutive terms or more at King Edward VII School King's Lynn, then you are an Old Lennensian and we ask you to join us now.

Membership of the Association brings with it Spring and Autumn Newsletters,  frequent lunches in King's Lynn, in London and at the School, sports and social fixtures , and, now that the website is fully open to all Members, access to downloads and news of the many friends you think you had forgotten, and the many you want to see again. We are an active, sociable community with its eyes on the future, committed to the memory of your schoolfellows and of the School. Join us now, and join us for the future.

Membership application form available on line                       See the School NEWS LETTER

Associate Membership
  If you were not a pupil or member of staff but have close connections with the school, you may be elligible for Associate membership
  Contact the Membersip Secretary for details


West Norfolk & King's Lynn High School for Girls

We understand that there is not an association for former pupils. It has been suggested, in committee, that we might organise an event say in the form of a reunion. If you are a former pupil of the High School, married to one or know someone who might be interested. Please contact our Secretary on the Contact Us page


"Not so New" news items

  • London Lights - 
"The Christmas lights coming on in Bond St. were as nothing compared to the warm glow suffusing your correspondent as he left the Savile Club
on the 20th November after another enjoyable OL Lunch"     see  Past Events
Decalennensian - We have just  realised that congratulations are due to Mike Douglass, who has completed 10 years in the Hot Seat. Well done Mike!  You are now 19th out of 40 in the list of longest serving Heads - only another 7 years and you will be in the top 10!
We know that a few of our members, either by virtue of starting in the Prep. Department, or by returning to teach, were at the school for 10+ years 
If you are one of them, please contact us to have your name on the List of Decalennensians.
A New Puzzle has arrived from Alvis - he says that "It is much easier"  - time will tell 
  • Valete    It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the death, on October 7th, of Surgeon Rear Admiral Trevor R. W. Hampton, CB, FRCP, QPH, RN.
                   We offer our sincere condolences to his widow Kate and members of the family.

  • The Rules page     has been updated in accordance with the changes passed at the AGM
  • Bob Booth has a new book of historical photographs of Lynn                      See Site Contributors page
  • Peter Rye (Lenzman) has a limited Edition 2013 Calendar - Night Photographs of Lynn                     See Site Contributors page   
  • Puzzle 2 Alvis has sent a new clue

 Newsletter Editor - Andrew Stephen has agreed to become the new Newsletter Editor. He has asked for contributions to be sent to him by e-mail. 

Go to Newsletter Editor on the Contact Us page

Honours Boards update   The name of Harold Arthur Humphrey has been added to the WW II Memorial Board

Loose Connections - ALVIS has become tired of waiting for someone to solve his puzzles and has provided us with the answer to Puzzle 1 - it turned out to be quite simple!  Anybody got the answer to puzzle 2 ??? - There is a new clue

Olympic Bronze  - Team GB Head Coach of the Ladies Hockey Team, Danny Kerry, ex KES pupil and son of OL Chris Kerry, uplifted his team from the despair of losing their
semi final match against Agentina, to a storming 3-1 victory over New Zealand to win Olympic Bronze.


Correspondence page       awaiting further contributions



We are extremely grateful for the help given by organisations and individuals. We have decided to put all acknowledgements on one page rather than scatter them. We are aware that this type of information is often overlooked by readers - Please visit the Site Contributors page. It contains information and interesting links.


 Web Editor's Comments

  • We are very short of documented and anecdotal material from the 1960s onwards. Please can you help.
  • Development  -  We are open to suggestions (constructive!) with regard to the development of this web site. Please do feel free to contact us.

Errors & Omissions policy

1) We will publicise in this section, all valid errors & ommissions. As soon as possible.
2) All entries will be dated
3) Entries will expire three calendar months after the given posting date

  • Errata: Newsletter Spring 2012       (02/11/12)

Martin Eggleton deceased.   We apologise for incorrectly entering the year of Martin's death as 2012. He died in 2011.
Martin's wife Susan predeceased him and we apologise for including her in the condolences offered to the family.

  • Errata: Website (02/11/12)

Honours Boards:
David J. Grint, School Captain 84/85. We apologise for spelling David's Surname incorrectly as Gent. This has been corrected.


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